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Lyme disease blood test

The Lyme disease blood test is a certified home medical diagnostic test for screening early infection with Borrelia, 2 - 6 weeks after a tick bite.

The test detects IgM antibodies explicitly. Body's immune system produces these antibodies 2 - 6 weeks after the infection with Borrelia, with the highest concentration between 3rd and 4th week.

Lyme disease testing kit is clinically validated, ISO13485 compliant and CE0483 certified for testing at home.

Individuals usually need 5-10 minutes to conduct the analysis, and there is an additional 10-minutes waiting time for the result to appear.

Important notice: If it is more than six weeks from the tick bite, this test is not suitable. We recommend you to consult with your doctor about laboratory examination.

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What is the purpose of the Lyme disease blood test?

The purpose of the Lyme disease blood test is to support the early diagnosis of Borrelia infection (borreliosis).

Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis can lead to severe health complications. There is no vaccine against the disease, but it is treated with antibiotics.

Sooner the infection with Borrelia in discovered, better are chances of successful treatment.

This Lyme disease blood test detects specific antibodies against Borrelia that appear in blood 2 - 6 weeks after infection (IgM antibodies).

It is important to note that infection with Borrelia can occur in less than 12 hours after a tick bite. Furthermore, erythema migrans (rashes or lesions on the skin), a clinical sign of infection, does not appear in 30-50% of cases.

This Lyme disease blood test is especially beneficial when rashes or lesions on the skin do not appear. You must carry out the analysis between 2 - 6 weeks after a tick bite.

During this time, the body's immune system produces specific antibodies to fight against the infection. These are IgM antibodies that Lyme disease blood test detects.

Information about the Lyme disease blood test TIK'ALERT ®

The test is a certified home medical diagnostic test for the detection of IgM antibodies against the Borrelia.

The test is manufactured in France according to ISO13485 and CE certified by the Notification body 0483 for testing at home.

Clinical trials demonstrated high accuracy of the test. This test showed the correct results in 88% of cases, which is very good in borreliosis serology testing.

Principally the test was developed for the use by medical professionals as an aid in early diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Still, today the test can be used by individuals with no experiences or training in medical testing.

How does the Lyme disease blood test work?

Testing for the presence of antibodies specific for the Borrelia infection is straightforward.

There are three steps you need to follow:

  1. withdraw blood from a fingertip,
  2. add the blood and buffer to the testing device,
  3. wait 10 minutes for the result.

Lyme disease testing kit includes all the components necessary to complete the analysis successfully.

Testing kit includes:

  • testing device,
  • lancet,
  • pipette
  • buffer solution,
  • instructions for use.

Delivery is discreet. You will receive a testing kit in an unlabeled packaging so that only you will know what is inside the package.

Things to know before you order the Lyme disease blood test

The test is not suitable to screen for an "old" infection.

This Lyme disease blood test is beneficial to screen for early Borrelia infection, in a timeframe 2 - 6 weeks after a tick bite.

It is best to perform the analysis 3-4 weeks after a potential infection when the concentration of antibodies is the highest.

The usefulness of the results obtained with the Lyme disease blood test

Results can be beneficial at screening for potential infection with Borrelia, especially when typical lesion or rash on the skin does not appear.

Important notice: This test should be performed 2-6 weeks after a tick bite. It is best to do it 3-4 weeks after a potential infection.

In the case of a positive result: IgM antibodies are present in your blood. It is highly probable that you are infected with Borrelia.

Do not panic. Lyme disease discovered in early stages can be treated. Immediately consult your doctor who will decide on further steps.

In case of a negative result: IgM antibodies are not present in your blood. It is highly probable that you are not infected with Borrelia.

Caution: In a very early stage of infection, a negative result is possible due to the low concentration of antibodies in the blood. If less than two weeks passed since the tick bite, probably, the body's immune system did not produce enough antibodies that this test detects. In such cases we recommend you to repeat testing in 2 weeks.

In case of an invalid result: the Sanotest Quality Guarantee applies. Please contact us.

If you experience symptoms of Lyme disease despite a negative result, you should consult your doctor.

Products that are in stock will be sent immediately after payment receival. For other orders the waiting period is about 14 days.

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